The Giving Garden
The Giving Garden, on Evans Street at Aldinga Beach was conceived as a response to children arriving at Aldinga Beach Children's Centre and Primary School without fresh fruit. Rotarian Lauren Jew, Community Development Coordinator at Aldinga Beach Children’s Centre has been the driving force behind this project, which was initiated by a street scaping grant from the City of Onkaparinga. The Rotary Club of Seaford is proud to be a supporting partner of the Giving Garden. Our members regularly participate in working bees, and with the support of Bunnings Seaford have installed a rainwater tank on the site.
Work commenced on the site in May 2016, a disused council reserve adjacent to Aldinga Beach B-7 School. With many hours of volunteer work, the Giving Garden was officially opened on March 15, 2017.

Local school and community members are welcome to take herbs, vegetables and fruit when they need them, and there is also a trading cart where people can donate seeds, cuttings and other excess produce from their own gardens.


Can you help us with our paving project?
Our next project onsite is to construct a paved path through the garden. This will make a large portion of the garden wheelchair accessible, and will also help children & volunteers during wet periods when the ground is muddy.

From as little as $40.00, your donation entitles you to have your name engraved into a paver as a lasting record of your valued support. Multiple options are available to businesses also.

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